Lord Geoffrey Dumont must select a bride from an assortment of beautiful and appropriate ladies chosen for him. But his brother disapproves of the one woman he desires, Catherine de Severin.

Catherine doesn't remember a full year of her life. She does know she loves Geoff and would do anything for him, even help him choose a bride. Once that distasteful chore is accomplished, Cate goes back to the convent to forget Geoff, but he arrives unannounced and spirits her off to Normandy. There he proposes a new betrothal—one that will link them forever.

Both Geoff and Cate must deal with the past, where her missing memory is concerned; the present, when a prince tries to use Cate to further his own agenda; and the future, which may or may not see them joined in marriage.

The author uses a time in history that is fraught with war, deceit and uncertainty to move her characters into love, conflict and danger. Brisbin woos her readers with laughter and tears in this delightful and interesting tale of love. SENSUAL (Jun., 209 pp., $5.25)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith