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With her father accused of being the infamous London jewel thief known as the Wraith, Claire Hollybrooke poses as a widow, securing a position that allows her into her estranged family's home, where she plans to expose the real Wraith.

She must deal with Simon Croft, the Earl of Rockford, her father's accuser. Claire despises him, but she can't deny that he looks like Adonis, and her heart pounds each time he's near.

The young woman Simon is courting is Claire's charge. No one knows of the vow he made to marry the first eligible girl he met the night of the ball. No one knows it was the "unsuitable companion," Claire, he met earlier in the evening and that it's Claire who haunts his dreams.

Caught up in their investigation of the Wraith, they inevitably collide, and their simmering passions ignite. But little do they know that a tangled web of betrayal and deceit will test their love and threaten their lives.

Smith outdoes herself with a romantic suspense that not only keeps you turning the pages, but just when you think the Wraith is revealed, she turns the tables on you until you're breathless for the truth to surface. This is another surefire winner from a major craftswoman of the genre. SENSUAL (Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin