Veteran Regency storyteller disciplines her writing and takes a major step forward in her publishing career with an engaging tale of a spinster lady who finds unexpected love with a handsome nobleman.

Miss Constance Pamberley is used to injured gentlemen. More than one carriage has skittered around the sharp bend near her country home and spilled its driver on to the ground with varying degrees of injury. But the precipitous arrival of one such victim is further complicated when he fails to remember who he really is.

To add to the confusion, a second body comes flying as the handsome Lord Ramsdell literally crashes upon the scene. The good news is that he is the first young mans cousin. The bad news is that Ramsdell suffers a compound fracture of his arm.

And for the first time Constances heart is placed in peril as she nurses the fascinating Ramsdell. But even if he comes to care for her, would he marry so far beneath him?

Although the conflict between the two primary lovers is a trifle forced, Ms. King wins our hearts with appealing characters, a good plot and a dash of delightful wit. (Nov., 249 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer