Image of Country Roads (A Whisper Horse Novel)


Image of Country Roads (A Whisper Horse Novel)

Country Roads begins slowly but gradually creeps up on you, like wisteria on the vine, until you can’t put it down. The small town vibe and endearing characters keep the pages turning as their struggles and strengths evolve throughout the book. Fans of horses will enjoy this sensitive take on horse whispering as well as the bonds that can form between horse and rider. The romance is compelling with a couple whose realistic problems and vices keep it firmly grounded in the real world.

Famous artist Julia Castillo is on the run from her overly protective family and on her own for the first time. Desperate for reassurance on the new art style, she travels to Sanctuary, West Virginia, to get the opinion of the first dealer who originally sold her work. When her car breaks down, Paul Taggart finds he can’t resist a damsel in distress and pulls over to help her. Julia begins to find a place in Sanctuary, and even begins to find healing through a bond with a deeply troubled horse. Paul also becomes a source of stability, but something keeps pulling him away. There's an instant mutual attraction, but they have much to overcome in their lives before they can find their way to each other. (MONLAKE ROMANCE, Sept., 421 pp, $12.95)

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Mary Bongiovi