Image of The Count's Christmas Baby


Image of The Count's Christmas Baby
THE COUNT’S CHRISTMAS BABY (4) by Rebecca Winters: When Sami Argyle sets out to find her infant son’s grandfather in Italy, she’s saddened to learn of his death. During her search, she encounters Ric Degenoli, the handsome newly appointed count. They previously spent long, treacherous hours trapped under an avalanche together almost a year ago, and each believed the other had perished. Their reunion brings the exciting news that Ric is the father of her baby. But Ric is engaged to be married in a few weeks, which may put a damper on Sami’s Christmas wish to evolve into a family. Winters makes it easy to be swept away by the warm Mediterranean breeze in this delightful, heartwarming tale that readers will be gushing about to their friends.
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi