Image of Courageous


Image of Courageous

This return to Texas features a number of characters from Palmer’s Jacobsville stories. The heroine is young and naïve, and more background on the hero would have been appreciated — although it’s refreshing to have a hero with high moral standards. All in all, Palmer pens an exciting story that takes the reader on an action-packed journey.

Peg Larson’s father works for Winslow Grange on his new ranch near Comanche Wells, Texas, and Peg serves as his housekeeper. An ex-Army major, Grange now works as a mercenary, helping out causes he feels are justified. Peg is determined to win Grange’s affections, and he gives her hope of success with his words and actions before he leaves for the Amazon to help a deposed Latin American leader regain his country. So when a photojournalist comes to Peg claiming that Grange wants to see her, she travels with her to Barrera. Unfortunately, Peg’s actions end up putting not only her life in danger, but also that of her traveling companion, and threaten Grange’s whole mission. (HQN, Jul., 304 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley