On the alternate Wildside earth, it's no secret that King Quede of New Orleans is a goblin. However, only part-fey Lyris believes he is also a vampire, and now she has proof that the goblins led by Quede were involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.

To prove this, she must seek out Quede. Thanks to her gift, she can see someone and know what they really are. Needing help, she is put in touch with stripper Romeo Hart, who is really a part-goblin named Roman Hautecoeur, working undercover to discover what evil Quede is planning. Roman and Lyris find themselves very attracted to one another. Unfortunately, Quede also is attracted to Lyris and knows what she is and why she's in New Orleans. To make matters worse, there's a basically unkillable hobgoblin on the loose…

In the third installment in Jackson's Wildeside series, the author's imagination and untouchable world-building continue to shine. Readers should read the last two installments in order to appreciate the characters and alternate universe— where humans and magical species co-exist— in this outstanding and involved novel.

The banter between Roman and Lyris is very entertaining, and Roman is quite extraordinary— sweet yet tough and very likable. Lyris is a wonderfully unique heroine, and the bad boy is rotten to the core. (Mar., 340 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley