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Lindsey Davis, creator of the delightful Marcus Didius Falco mysteries, gives us a treat in October with a new hardcover, the story of Caenis, a woman who rises from slavery in ancient Rome to a position of grace and power. (4.5).

Although physically plain and born a slave, fortune smiles on Caenis in several ways. She is a scribe, meaning she can read and write, no mean feat for a woman living in the first century, and her mistress is Antonia, sister-in-law to Emperor Tiberius and mother of Claudius. Caenis is trusted by Antonia and allowed to know all about royal doings and intrigues.

Caeniss life takes an unexpected turn when she meets a soldier named Vespasian. They are immediately attracted, but hes the brother of a senator and theres not much hope for them.

Caenis realizes that what may be best for her may not be best for the Empire. Vespasian must make a decision, one which may change the course of history.

Not a mystery in the traditional sense, THE COURSE OF HONOR, explores the mystery of day-to-day life, the coincidences and choices that make life a never ending drama. Lindsey Davis spins an exquisite tale based on actual facts, and provides an enriching, fascinating experience.

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg