Following Henry II's death, Eleanor of Aquitaine is freed from 16 years of imprisonment to see her son Richard, the Lionhearted, crowned. The queen's release also frees Julianna, Countess of Rosmer, who was sent to Eleanor after refusing to marry the young boy chosen as her husband.

Stephan de Mandeville is loyal to Richard and pledges his fealty to him, risking Prince John's hatred. Illegitimate and landless, Stephan cannot marry a noblewoman. He does not even think of taking a wife until he meets Julianna.

The queen learns of their forbidden love and separates them. But Stephan arranges for Julianna to be brought to him so they can wed. They receive word that they are in danger while on a fairytale honeymoon.

Together they must win Eleanor and Richard's consent and expose a ruthless blackmailer who would destroy anyone who stands in his way.

Once again Dene Cody spins a glorious medieval tapestry, weaving in rich detail, unforgettable characters and the intrigues and passions of the era. THE COURT OF LOVE is a lush, riveting romance worth a place high among your beloved medieval romances. SENSUAL (Aug., 420 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin