Image of Court of Love


Image of Court of Love

This delicious anthology of convention-bucking heroines in three separate time periods will delight anyone who likes Jane Austen, but wishes to peek under Mr. Darcy’s clothes. Although the historical accuracy of this collection is a bit suspect and the plotlines are wrapped up with slightly alarming speed, each story features a woman with a unique personality and an independent soul, not to mention some very sexy men in breeches. Perfect bedtime reading for lovers of spicy historical romance.

“Love Waits,” set in 1786, features Dacey O'Connor, an Irish lass struggling to reconcile her brogue and her morals with the snobbery and lecherousness of the English aristocrats she finds herself indebted to after her husband’s death. It’s hard work — especially once she meets confusing, golden-eyed Andrew Alcott. In “A Season For Love,” set in 1814, brave-hearted Elizabeth is horrified to learn that the handsome soldier she dreams of marrying is actually heir to a dukedom and far above her station. When proud, spirited ballerina Veronika is accused of being a Russian spy in “En Pointe For Love,” set in the 1850s, the handsome Duke of Wentworth steps in to offer sanctuary. But he may end up needing protection himself — from his own highly inappropriate feelings for his houseguest! (HIGHLAND PRESS, dl., $2.99)

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Jaysen Scott