With the fourth in the Pennistan series Blayney crafts a powerful story with an outspoken modern heroine (a la Elizabeth Bennet) who wins readers’ hearts. All of Blayney’s characters leap from the pages into fully realized people you care about. Though the plotline is not new, the twists and depth of emotion turn something ordinary into the unforgettable.

The ton has little use for a woman jilted by her fiancé. But Mia Castellano is not concerned. She views this as her opportunity to be free of society’s constraints. She plans to become a courtesan, a woman able to choose her lovers and her destiny. But first she must speak to her guardian. Lord David Pennistan has been charged with seeing Mia safely to Derbyshire. From the beginning of their journey, Mia attracts trouble like a magnet. With each and every little adventure David sees more of Mia and by journey’s end he’s fallen in love with her. When a compromising situation leads to a marriage proposal, David believes Mia will be his, but she’s determined to be free. His honor will not stand in the way of independence. Somehow David must show her how love can set her free. (BANTAM, Jul., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin