The second novel in Carroll's trilogy follows the adventures of Gabrielle Cheney, who sets her sights on becoming the mistress of King Henry of Navarre and the most powerful woman in the royal court. Though beautiful, seductive and determined, Gabrielle is also haunted by her love for Nicholas Remy— and by his death.

Gabrielle requests that her friend hold a seance to reach Remy. But his spirit does not come to her, since he's not actually dead. That same night Remy follows Gabrielle home. His appearance reawakens her love for him and places them all in the web of the Dark Queen, Catherine de Medici. Gabrielle must save her loved ones from Catherine's wrath, but by rebelling against a witch as powerful as Catherine she puts her life on the line.

Once again Carroll infuses a sweeping, romantic tale with vibrant historical details and unforgettable characters. The power of her story, the depth of her characters' emotions and the passion, betrayals, dangers and paranormal elements blend perfectly into a never-to-be-forgotten love story. SENSUAL (Aug., 530 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin