Image of The Courtesan's Daughter (The Courtesan Series)


Image of The Courtesan's Daughter (The Courtesan Series)

Though this delightful, sensual,
romantic romp suffers at times
from a meandering plot, Dain shows
a fine flair for subtle touches of
humor and clever dialogue and
tops everything off with a most
engaging mother who is a master
at manipulation.

Lady Caroline Dalby fears her prospects of finding a husband are almost nonexistent. Though the proper daughter of a peer, her mama, the beautiful widowed Lady Sophia Dalby, was a highly desirable courtesan. No aristocratic man would marry a courtesan's daughter.

When Sophia pays off the Earl of Ashdon's gambling debts in return for her daughter's hand in marriage, Caro refuses. She wants a man who wants her for herself. Caro decides the only option open to her is to become a courtesan herself. But after meeting Ash she is not so sure. When he brings out her tempestuous nature she discovers she wants him.

Sophia knows that Caro and Ash are right for each other and with Caro taking her advice Sophia manipulates her players as if they were chessmen in a game of chess. When Ash and Caro are caught in a compromising situation, will the players in the game result in a satisfying checkmate? (BERKLEY SENSATIOn, Oct., 327 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond