Image of The Courtesan's Lover


Image of The Courtesan's Lover

In this spin-off of His Last Duchess, Kimm reintroduces Francesca as she reinvents herself as a successful courtesan. Kimm’s meticulous details not only evoke the era, but gifts readers with a touching, fascinating and uplifting tale with a carefully developed plot and unforgettable characters. Sensual, yet more intimate than sexy; realistic, with a sense of humor; truly sensitive and heart-tugging: This is a novel that speaks on many levels.

Francesca and her twin daughters arrive in Naples intent upon starting a new life. With the help of her loyal servant and friend, Modesto, Francesca sets herself up as a courtesan and quickly attracts protectors. She is aware of the inherent dangers of her profession, but manages to stay alive by choosing her callers with care. Her one moment of regret comes from a chance encounter with a young client, who makes her realize that she is missing love in her life. Francesca continues her quest for a good life, but when she falls in love she must develop the strength to face the consequences of her past and find a way to make a new future. (SOURCEBOOKS, May, 528 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin