Image of The Courtesan's Secret (The Courtesan Series)


Image of The Courtesan's Secret (The Courtesan Series)

Dain's clever tale of love and mayhem is a bit convoluted and repetitive, but her talent for writing humor remains. That, plus her wickedly suggestive dialogue and a diverse set of characters, comes together in an enjoyable story.

Lady Louisa Kirkland sets her cap for a marquess, to no avail. She turns for help to ex-courtesan Lady Sophia Dalby, who knows that the marquess isn't right for her, but Lord Henry Blakesly, who loves her, is.

Louisa treats Henry as a friend to be used in her pursuit of the marquess. But when she kisses him, all thoughts of the marquess disappear. Underneath that upright cynical demeanor is a passionate man who knows what he wants--Louisa. (Berkley, May, 336 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond