Image of The Courtesan's Wager (The Courtesan Series)


Image of The Courtesan's Wager (The Courtesan Series)

Dain fans are in for a treat. Deliciously improper courtesan turned matchmaker Sophia Dalby is back with another wicked scheme. Dain is a master of the Regency romp, and this one has witty repartee and an authentic setting. The characters are engaging, unpredictable and outrageously funny.

Lady Amelia Caversham is the perfect lady -- well groomed, well mannered, well connected and with a good dowry. She'd make a perfect duchess, but the men steer clear, until she asks the infamous Lady Dalby for help in snaring a husband. Suddenly all the ton is in an uproar as Lady Dalby conducts interviews for the position of Amelia's husband -- dukes only!

When Amelia starts rejecting them, all the titled men want to be on her notorious list -- except for Lord Cranleigh. He wants to ensure that Amelia keeps away from his shy brother, and if he has to seduce her in order to stop her, he's willing to do so. Cranleigh's behavior is outrageous, but Amelia won't be deterred from her quest. The two lock horns and lips -- to the delight of the ton and themselves. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Feb., 358 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer