Image of The Courting Campaign (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of The Courting Campaign (Love Inspired Historical)
THE COURTING CAMPAIGN (4.5) by Regina Scott: Emma Pyrmont comes to work at the Grange of Sir Nicholas Rutherford in 1815 Derbyshire, England, to get away from her foster father. Here, she is nanny to Sir Nicholas’ daughter. When Emma finally comes to Nick’s attention, he is intrigued. But Emma is more interested in persuading him to become a better father. Yet his desire to create safer working conditions in the mines on his land has her becoming more personally involved with him than she ever imagined. This first in Scott’s Master Matchmakers series has an intriguing scientist hero and an intelligent, strong heroine. Their romance set amid the fascinating discoveries of the time is absorbing.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley