Image of Courting Carolina (A Spellbound Falls Romance)


Image of Courting Carolina (A Spellbound Falls Romance)

Another magical Oceanus offspring gets her story in Chapman’s new Spellbound Falls charmer. A hint of danger threads through this most unusual courtship tale. Not only does this novel have compelling protagonists, but the supporting players give the story warmth and a dash of humor — especially Kitty, the “wolf.” When it comes to romance, Spellbound Falls is definitely the place to be!

While building a wilderness trail for the Spellbound Falls resort, Alec MacKeage stumbles across a kidnapping in progress. Alec knocks out the two kidnappers and carries the unconscious woman, “Jane Smith,” away to his camp. Alec is assisted in the rescue by an unusual wolf named Kitty. Carolina Oceanus is thankful to be away from her kidnappers, but she doesn’t want to notify her parents just yet, as she knows her father is gathering suitors for her hand in marriage. Issues from his past have made Alec avoid any long term relationships, but “Jane” may shatter all his intentions. Too bad Alec and Jane’s retreat is about to get crashed by an angry and magically powerful father setting up a competition for his daughter hand in marriage. (JOVE, Sep., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith