When Cassidy Maguire inherits Maguire Lumber Company from her father, she arrives in the tiny company town to make all kinds of changes.

Jake Williams, the company president, isn't ready for change or for the tornado that is Cassidy, complete with bloomers for bicycling and opinions about everything from women's suffrage to the mingling of the different nationalities in Maguire. Cassidy's good intentions are backed by her money and the town will never be the same.

Although Jake finds Cassidy charming, he's as convinced as his men that she shouldn't meddle in company business. When the men decide that someone should romance Cassidy, keeping her too busy to interfere, Jake makes certain he's chosen, because he can't stand the idea of Cassidy with anyone else.

In spite of his distrust of women, Jake finds the thoroughly modern Cassidy brings out his long-buried feelings and he inspires her passions.

Although the forestry information in COURTING CASSIDY may not be strictly accurate, Ms. Bartlett spins a fine romance and creates a heroine who's more than memorable. SENSUAL (Feb., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce