In a moment of weakness, newly engaged caterer Angie Amalfi turned over control of her engagement party to her mother, Serefina, who has decided to surprise Angie and Paavo and won't reveal any details. Since Angie is a bit of a control freak—especially when it comes to food—the situation is driving her crazy.

Luckily for Angie, she has another situation that demands her attention. Her nosy neighbor, Stan Bonnette, has gotten involved with a pregnant woman who's on the run. Stan, of course, turns to Angie for help, which means that the two are now hip-deep in murder and baby-selling.

As for Paavo, Angie's handsome homicide inspector fiancé, he's been roped into a bizarre stalking case with Angie's disapproving father, Sal.

How is Angie supposed to cope with all this and figure out where her mom is planning to hold The Party?

A sizzling talent, Pence pulls out all the stops in this hilarious new tale of murder and mayhem. The ongoing saga of Angie and Paavo is always a special treat, and Pence just keeps raising the entertainment bar. (Dec., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith