Image of Courting the Doctor's Daughter (Courting, Book 2)


Image of Courting the Doctor's Daughter (Courting, Book 2)
COURTING THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER (4) by Janet Dean: Noblesville, Ind.,1898. Mary Graves is disappointed that the townspeople are listening to another peddler persuade them his tonic will cure anything. Mary knows medicine -- she's worked side by side with her doctor father -- but so does peddler Luke Jacobs. Luke lost his desire to practice medicine and now follows the orphan train from town to town, hoping to find his son, Ben. Mary and Luke must learn to enjoy being around each other for the sake of the one thing they have in common -- Ben -- even though they don't know about this connection. Dean writes from her heart, and her characters are deep and touching. This is a tender love story with unconditional love for the reader.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley