Image of Courting Trouble


Image of Courting Trouble

This Christy award-winning author
does not disappoint in her latest novel. Readers will hold their breath as passions are flared, limits are crossed and secrets are revealed. Aside from a great storyline, highlighted with humor, readers will appreciate the insights that are revealed as we follow Essie on her
journey toward love and acceptance. Anyone who has ever loved and lost
will find this story a source of encouragement and delight.

It's 1894, and Essie Spreckelmeyer is 30, single, and determined to find a husband. Refusing to be labeled a spinster, she sets her sights on Mr. Hamilton Crook. Unfortunately, her eccentric ways seem to repel the young widower, and Essie is hurt when he suddenly appears with a new wife.

Then Essie meets a drifter, Adam Currington, who ropes her in with his charming words and obvious attraction. Essie is armed with power as Adam's advances prove that she has what it takes to attract and keep a man. With this newfound revelation, she begins a journey that will break her naïvete and childlike innocence. Will Essie ever find the love she so desperately seeks? (Bethany House, Jun., 320 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes