In an attempt to get her husband to sign divorce papers, Courtney Stone follows Matt to Cheyenne, Wyoming. While riding on the trail the sky turns violet and a small turquoise tornado whisks them into the past. At first they believe the old western town is a tourist attraction, but Matt soon realizes that there is something strange about that tornado other than the color.

The year is 1873 and they are in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Using Courtney's gold necklace Matt enters a poker game. He wins money and a ranch along with 2,000 Texas long horns. His dream of owning a ranch has come true, now if he can only convince Courtney that they belong in 1873 and that he loves her more than life.

All Courtney wants is to go home. She cannot abide life without modern conveniences. No matter how much she loves Matt she does not think she can stay in the past. Matt's house-keeper teaches Courtney all she needs to know, however, and she adjusts to life in the old West.

Before, she and Matt were always apart; he working the rodeo circuit and she with a career in advertising. Now they are together and Courtney finds that Matt's dream has become her own. Can she give up her life in the present if the tornado reappears; can she convince Matt that she belongs with him?

COURTNEY'S COWBOY is a moving tale of sacrifice and emotional growth. Ms. Macias' unique twist allows the hero and heroine to travel through time together so they are given a second chance to learn how precious and rare true love is. (July, 328 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox