Rogue and womanizer Spencer Heatherington finally meets a woman whos immune to his charms when he encounters innkeeper Helen Mayberry. Overhearing Helen discussing the merits of erotic discipline, Spencer is highly intrigued. And when it appears that Helen is pursuing him, he is elated. But alas, it appears that Helen is not after Spencer for his sexual prowess, but for his help in translating an ancient text and finding a legendary lamp.

Spencer cannot control his attraction to Helen, and he sets out to seduce her and help her locate King Edwards Lamp, purported to have magical abilities (might it even be Aladdins lamp?)

They lead a merry chase from London to her inn and find clues that lead them to believe the lamp is real. But their quest also leads them into a tangled web where murder and danger are entwined with a growing passion; they spend as much time in bed as they do searching for the lamp and the identity of their enemy.

With help from the Sherbrookes and an assortment of eccentric secondary characters (her father invents the mimosa: champagne and orange juice) their search becomes even more complicated, and dangerous. Add to this Ms. Coulters usual sense of off-beat humor and high degree of sensuality and you have a book her fans will enjoy. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin