Image of The Courtship (Singing River Series #4)


Image of The Courtship (Singing River Series #4)

As Morris brings the Singing River series to an end, readers will miss the intricate and zany characters that he so expertly created. While the end is a bit predictable, readers should enjoy discovering what becomes of the family that has captivated the heart of its audience.

Brent and Roger have both asked for Lanie's hand in marriage, but her heart is set on Dr. Owens, who continues to think of her as a child. Will the competition force him to finally see Lanie for the young woman that she is?

Maeva is looking for Thelma Mays, the woman whose testimony could release her father from prison. As Maeva and Logan travel from one seedy town to another, they suffer many setbacks. But the trip is worthwhile when they finally find Thelma, and she agrees to go back with them. God will set more than one person free before this journey is over. (ZONDERVAN, Sep., 304 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes