Cade Kolby is definitely a love-and-leave-'em type of man. Seventeen years ago he made Zoe Bradshaw lose her heart to him, then he left to find his fortune as a bounty hunter. He didn't realize that his carelessness nearly cost Zoe her reputation in the small town.

Cade returns when his sister and brother-in-law die from fever leaving four small children in his care.

In the interim, Zoe, now widowed, has been caring for the children and is determined, although she is penniless, to gain custody of them.

Zoe fights the futile battle with her heart when the virile man, no longer a boy, comes back into her life. And when a fever rages in the Kansas town, they have to work together to help the community. Though Zoe cannot approve of Cade's occupation she, too, has secrets she prefers to keep to herself.

Ms. Copeland delivers an entertaining read with quick tempered, red-headed Zoe, reluctant Cade, four adorable children who really need a mother and father to love and the townspeople who seem to have all the answers to the dilemma. The charming, quick and enjoyable dialogue adds much to this fine Americana romance. SWEET (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer