Izzie McCree thinks she's left the past when she leaves Pennsylvania as Matthew Prescott's mail-order bride. When she shows up on his doorstep, however, he has no idea of who she is or why she's there.

It's Matthew's oldest son who sent for a bride. Like his two brothers and tomboyish little sister, he knows his father needs a woman, and they need a mother. Izzie is determined to stay and help change Matthew's mind. She takes charge of the house and the children with a firm and loving hand, and Matthew realizes that Izzie would make a good wife, so he marries her as his children planned.

Though Izzie has come to feel for Matthew, she is terrified of the marriage bed and Matthew ends up sleeping in the barn-not what he planned for a wedding night! Orphaned and slightly crippled, Izzie has tried to free herself of the past's horrible memories and the terror of an attempted rape. But she cannot escape when a man from back East recognizes her at a horse sale. To make matters worse, Matthew's ex-wife is asking for money.

Hurt anew by Matthew's lies about his first wife, Izzie is at a loss when she is kidnapped. Matthew must come to the rescue and prove his devotion.

THE COURTSHIP OF IZZY MCCREE is a very tender romance, an easy, quick read that touches your heart strings. Ms. Langan's fans will enjoy her latest, sweet offering. SENSUAL (Aug., 244 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager