Sally St. John Brainerd is fighting for her life. During the last year her marriage has fallen apart, her father has been murdered and she has been committed to an asylum. For six months she has been kept drugged and docile, but why? After finally managing to escape her confinement, Sally flees to The Cove and her Aunt Amabel.

A unique little town, the Cove was once on the verge of dying. Nowadays, even though all the residents are senior citizens, the town looks picture perfect. Looks, however, can be deceiving.

A frightened woman's scream awakens Sally two nights in a row. None of the elderly residents seem to have heard, but Sally is afraid something sinister is happening. The only person willing to help is Private Investigator James Quinlan, and when the two discover a body along the shore, Sally feels vindicated.

James claims to be in town searching for an elderly couple who disappeared. In truth however, he is an FBI Agent sent to track Sally down. The events surrounding her father's murder lead police to believe that either Sally killed him or that she knows more than she is telling.

Evil forces converge around Sally, and once again she is snatched away. James is furious and determined to rescue the woman he is in danger of falling in love with. Why do so many people, including her mother and husband, want to believe that she is crazy? What are they afraid she will divulge?

Perennial favorite Catherine Coulter steps into the realm of romantic suspense with a tale fans are sure to relish. Two complex and thrilling storylines expertly converge to bring the suspense level to a terrifying crescendo of danger. Edge-of-your-seat reading! (Apr., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith