After witnessing the brutal slaying of her husband and sister-in-law in a small South American village, Megan McIntyre Hudson just wants to find a place to heal her damaged soul. She retreats to property owned by her husband in the small town of Prescott, Oklahoma, figuring that here at least she will find peace and quiet.

Her attempt to find solace is rudely shattered when her home is invaded by local officers intent on a drug bust. The storming of the house brings back both horrifying memories of her husband's death and unexplained memories of the star-crossed lives of Lydia Tanner and Sam Hooker?

Jake Kenyon, the ex-sheriff and Megan's brother-in-law, is furious when he witnesses the invasion of Megan's home. He knows that there is something fishy about the new sheriff's whole investigation and intimidation. The isolated location of the property makes Jake wonder if it is being viewed as a potential smuggling site. Jake understands that Megan needs a chance to heal, having been damaged both physically and mentally himself, but the emotional intersection of their lives is undeniable.

Megan's psychiatrist has requested that she keep a diary. What Megan discovers is that the thoughts and feelings she writes down are not her own, but Lydia Tanner's. A century before, circumstances conspired to destroy whatever chance for happiness Lydia had with her beloved Sam. Are there parallels to the events surrounding Megan and Jake today? Both have suffered in the past; are they now due for a chance at happiness?

Marvelous entertainment, THE COVENANT is enthralling reading that will take the reader deep into a world of past tragedy, dark secrets and undying love. Here's hoping author Modean Moon continues her expansion into single title releases. (Oct., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith