This summer sizzler set in Alaska is one cool romantic read. It has intrigue, a bad guy, a super good guy and a kick-butt Sunny Foster. For romantic suspense readers who love tough-as-nail women partnered with military heroes, Mann’s Elite Force series is for you.

Air Force pararescueman Tech Sergeant Wade “Brick” Rocha lives by their motto, “That Others May Live.” He takes on a mission to rescue a mountain climber on an Aleutian island, and is put in a precarious situation with a woman who doesn’t want his help. But he knows she’s in trouble. Survival guide Sunny Foster doesn’t need to be rescued from a blizzard in the Alaskan mountains, but she is running from something. Can this mysterious, rugged airman be her savior or will he get her killed? (SOURCEBOOKS, Jul., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Dee Stewart