Image of Coveted


Image of Coveted

Characters of all shapes, sizes and species abound in this new series from debut author Madison. Some minor holes in the backstory will not deter an avid reader from enjoying this gem. How can you go wrong when your heroine is a werewolf with OCD? Madison tells her story with a lot of humor, and readers will be waiting with bated breath for her next story.

Five years ago, Natalya thought she had a future with Thorn. Then he left and she had to build her life. Her problems with OCD increased so much after Thorn’s departure that she became an outcast in her pack. Even though she is fully functioning, with a job and home of her own, Nat has developed a pathological need to collect holiday ornaments, and while this seems to affect no one but her, the pack shuns her. While this is sad, the way the story is told speaks more to the pack’s intolerance of any being who is different. Nat has to make choices when Thorn returns to lead their group in war against another pack. (BALLANTINE, May 304 pp, $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins