Melina's family holds the gold medal in messed up familial antics. Her twin sister, Maria, is throwing her life away by doing drugs, and her habit nearly cost rancher Luc Jardin his life two years ago. Now Melina's parents expect her to bail Maria out from her latest escapade. The last time Melina got involved, however, she spent some time in jail and nearly lost her life herself. There's no way she is traveling that path again—even if that means earning her parents' wrath.

Her brother Joe gets in the mix, aware that Maria will be searching for her sister. Joe cleverly has Luc kidnap Melina—"Maria," as Joe would have him believe—under the pretense that Luc will keep her on his ranch to rehabilitate her.

Leigh creates a sensual, winning bait-and-switch. Luc wants his pound of flesh from "Maria" but softens when dealing with Melina's nightmares. The author creates exquisite sexual tension, lassoing in the reader for quite a ride. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Paige