This novella brings to life Christmastime on the Nebraska frontier. James has done a good job of setting the scene, however, readers may feel that the characters are rushed through the action. After voicing many concerns, both Ellie and Adam agree to marriage so suddenly that their motivations are never fleshed out. Although this couple’s whirlwind romance is sweet, some readers may be left wanting more. Luckily, this is just the first in James’ new series.

After his father’s unexpected death, Adam learns his father made a last minute change to his will. Now Adam must marry the daughter of his father’s best friend, Ellie, or forfeit his part of the family ranch. Adam has no interest in marrying the hellcat, but upon learning that her father is also dying, he feels honor bound to stand by these old friends' wish to see their children married. Ellie is equally resistant to the match for her own reasons but cannot deny her attraction to Adam. When a midnight rendezvous to discuss their situation leads to the ruin of Ellie’s reputation, can Adam make her see that marriage is not only the best solution but what he truly wants? (The Wild Rose Press, Nov., dl. $3.00)
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Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard