When Reno business attorney Sophie Addison's best friend gets in trouble with a loan shark, Sophie lets her hide out in Reno, while she travels to Texas to sell off the Smokehouse, her friend's rundown saloon. Former hell-raiser Gray McBride is tearing up his little black book, determined to date only mature women, when he meets Sophie and thinks she's the former showgirl/saloon owner. Things get even more complicated when an accident leaves Sophie with amnesia, no identification and the mistaken belief that she is a former showgirl. Dianne Castell's A Cowboy and a Kiss (4.5) is laugh-out-loud funny. Sophie tries to live what she thinks is her life as a former showgirl and do the right thing by the people of the small town, and sexy Gray tries to resist someone he thinks is the wrong woman.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor