Image of Cowboy with a Cause


Image of Cowboy with a Cause
COWBOY WITH A CAUSE (4) by Carla Cassidy: Still reeling from the condition that suddenly put her in a wheelchair, ex-dancer Melanie Brooks is bitter. When local cowboy Adam Benson rents the upstairs floor of her house, she doesn’t necessarily want him in her space and hopes he keeps to himself. But Adam does the opposite. Attracted and sympathetic to his stunningly beautiful yet grouchy landlord, he wants Melanie to stop hiding and start living — until Melanie’s life is threatened. Cassidy crafts sympathetic characters in Adam and Melanie, along with a strong, well-developed plot. A charmingly sweet and ruggedly strong hero is the icing on the cake for this romantic treat.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates