Image of A Cowboy Comes Home


Image of A Cowboy Comes Home
A COWBOY COMES HOME (2) by Barbara Dunlop: The only reason Caleb Terrell would set foot back on the Terrell Cattle Company land is to hand it off to his twin brother, Reed. Thanks to his malicious father, Caleb was made sole owner of the land he blamed for his mother’s death. But his angry twin disappeared after hearing the news and Caleb can only get information from girl-next-door Mandy Jacobs, who’s really grown up well. If he can’t find Reed, Caleb wants to sell, but Mandy battles him at every turn as they continue their search — and the sparks fly. Cowboy is disappointing on a few levels — the relationships are weak, the characters undeveloped and the ending too convenient.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper