Image of Cowboy to the Core


Image of Cowboy to the Core

COWBOY TO THE CORE (4) by Joanna Wayne: Dani Baxter has always had to deal with her family's psychic gift. She cannot ignore the woman in the Renaissance gown in her latest vision -- a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Dani herself. Ignoring her misgivings, she agrees to attend a friend's wedding at a Renaissance fair. There she meets Navy SEAL turned bodyguard Marcus Abbott. She also comes face to face with the woman from her vision. Determined to save the woman from a stabbing, Dani enlists Marcus' help. As they investigate the mystery surrounding her vision, Dani unknowingly digs into her family history. Dani and Marcus are edgy, complicated and afraid of jumping into a new relationship. But in Wayne's delicious story, they can't resist.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper