Image of Cowboy Daddy (Love Inspired)


Image of Cowboy Daddy (Love Inspired)
COWBOY DADDY (4) by Carolyne Aarsen: When Nicole Williams shows up at Kip Cosgrove’s ranch, she’s mistaken for the housekeeper his younger sister advertised for. In reality, she’s his nephews’ aunt. Nicole’s sister Tricia left Kip’s brother, Scott, when her twins were 6 months old. Now Scott is dead and Kip is their guardian. Tricia is also gone and Nicole wants to claim her nephews because they may not be Scott’s biological sons, and Tricia named her father as their guardian in her will. As Nicole gets to know Kip and his family, she doubts the wisdom of taking the boys away. A heart-achingly tender story of how different people depend on relationships bound by blood to influence their capacity to love.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley