Image of Cowboy Deputy (Silhouette Romantic Suspense)


Image of Cowboy Deputy (Silhouette Romantic Suspense)
COWBOY DEPUTY (4.5) by Carla Cassidy: Edie Burnett’s life has fallen apart. She’s lost her apartment and her job, her boyfriend has taken advantage of her — and her grandfather, Poppy, needs help. She heads home to Kansas to check on him, and is caught speeding by Deputy Benjamin Grayson, the man who had called her about Poppy. She initially finds her grandfather energetic and healthy, but soon he’s talking about the space aliens that are invading the town. Benjamin is worried about the old man, but he has other problems. Two women are missing, including his FBI agent sister. Edie and Benjamin are attractive characters. Great romance and a continuing mystery will keep the reader turning the pages.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor