Image of Cowboy Fever Series


Image of Cowboy Fever Series

In the small town of Fever, Texas, a series of couples with turbulent histories reunite for the sake of true love, despite their differences. Wiesner packs each book with characters who share intense and strained relationships — a variable that makes their romantic stories that much sweeter in the end. This anthology is great for whiling away a relaxing weekend, but the abrupt resolutions could turn some readers off.

Kicking off the anthology is “Wings of Love,” in which Wings Mackenzie chases down interior designer Amanda Grant — but only after she flees Fever under the impression that Mac is using her for business and not pleasure. “Losses and Gains” has Lance Olsen trying to rekindle an old romance with Janaya Gaines, his late wife’s younger sister. Next, Alana Hamilton yearns for her childhood sweetheart Jared Chapman in “For Always.” In “Taming April,” snooty lawyer April St. Clair can’t help but be seduced by gritty cowboy Shawn Jacobs. Finally, in “The Only One,” Karla and Ken Abrams once more find solace in each other’s arms, but only after five years of being driven apart by their daughter’s death. (WHISKEY CREEK, May, 342 pp., $16.50)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun