Image of Cowboy Sam's Quadruplets


Image of Cowboy Sam's Quadruplets
COWBOY SAM’S QUADRUPLETS (2) by Tina Leonard: Attorney Sam Callahan asks private investigator Seton McKinley to be his temporary wife so the Callahans have a better shot at keeping their ranch out of the hands of their wily neighbor. The only catch is that he doesn’t want children — ever. So the joke’s on him when Seton tells him she’s pregnant with his quadruplets! Though he starts eyeing the door, Sam’s adventurous nature, and his growing affection for his bride, keeps him in place. As charming as this series started out, it’s showing signs of fatigue, and with a choppy storyline and underdeveloped characters, it feels like Leonard’s getting tired, too.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper