Image of Cowboy Seeks Bride (Spikes & Spurs)


Image of Cowboy Seeks Bride (Spikes & Spurs)

Fans of Brown’s previous novels may be disappointed in this latest Spikes & Spurs installment, as the tone and setting are completely unlike anything previously established. This is as close as it gets without tipping the scale into historical territory, which may come as a shock to avid fans. Add in the stilted romance and lack of any real tension, and this one is not on par with Brown’s other works.

High-heeled Haley McKay is roped into a month-long, old-fashioned cattle run with nary a modern convenience in sight. Dewar O’Donnell, the trail boss, disparages her on first sight — claiming the trail is no place for a woman. Haley won’t let Mr. High and Mighty stand in her way, so she decides to take the bull by the horns and prove she’s got what it takes. Thirty days on a horse with a bunch of cowboys and a sexy yet infuriating trail boss — how hard can it be? (SOURCEBOOKS, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)
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KT Clapsadl