Image of The Cowboy Soldier


Image of The Cowboy Soldier
THE COWBOY SOLDIER (4) by Roz Denny Fox: When osteopathic physician, acupuncturist and herbalist Alexa Robinson treats wounded war veteran Rafe Eaglefeather for blindness and depression related to war wounds, she must fight her attraction to him. But once Rafe is off painkillers and begins to regain his sight, his attraction to Alexa is more powerful than his need for a doctor, and he’s determined to forge a relationship with her. His biggest hurdle is Alexa herself, as her experience treating a friend who died has left her unwilling to risk her heart. Sparks fly between the characters and Fox’s characterization is wonderful, with Alexa’s and Rafe’s insecurities and caution clearly showing. Rafe is particularly attractive as a character in that he’s a wounded hero who overcomes his own doubts.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay