Image of The Cowboy Tutor (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of The Cowboy Tutor (Love Inspired Historical)
THE COWBOY TUTOR (4) by Linda Ford: Judd Kirk’s first encounter with Madge Morgan sends her laundry into the dirt, which loses Madge her best customer. They next meet when he takes the job of tutor to her older sister. Judd is in town to find a man he doesn’t want to recognize him. He’s disguised himself, but Madge is sure he’s the man she ran into. The truth is soon revealed and Madge worries that the “justice” Judd is seeking is just another name for revenge. Yet she can do little to sway him from his goal, especially since her mother has hopes of him being a match for her sister. A lovely story of love, forgiveness and accepting God’s guidance in difficult times.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley