When Buck Hobson answered the ad for someone to work the Grossek ranch, he saw his dreams of revenge come true. For as long as he can remember, Buck has imagined avenging himself on the ruthless man who bought him like a slave. The only good thought he has is of Hannah Grossek, the old man's daughter, whom he protected from her father's wrath.

Desperate to save her home, Hannah will do anything necessary. She hardly remembers the young Buck Hobson, but when he returns with his friend Zeke, he no longer resembles the boy who ran away. He is a tall, bold stranger whose gentleness surprises Hannah.

With no choice, she agrees to take him on as a partner, allowing Buck to move into the house. Though she tries not to see him as a virile, handsome man, it is impossible not to be attracted to him.

Hannah arouses emotions in Buck he'd rather not be feeling. She has grown into a beautiful, courageous woman; one he would defend with his life. And he may just have to do that when he runs into trouble with the Grosseks' neighbor, Gillett.

Determined to learn all she can about ranching, Hannah joins Buck and the men on the roundup. Their adventure will include danger on the trail, peril from their enemies, the surprise return of Buck's sister and the risk of falling in love.

With Buck's family's help and the power of Hannah's love and faith, Buck learns the true meaning of family and the importance of letting love heal old wounds. SENSUAL (Mar., 395 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin