Image of The Cowboy's Claim


Image of The Cowboy's Claim
THE COWBOY’S CLAIM (3) by Carla Cassidy: Nick Benson returns to his hometown of Grady Gulch to help salvage his family, surrounded by tragedy. When ex-girlfriend Courtney Chambers sees him, she is startled, because there has been no contact from him since he left in a grief-stricken haze two years before. Though she wants nothing to do with him, her heart is telling a different tale. When she becomes the victim of foul play, Nick and Courtney’s love resurfaces, and when their son goes missing, they become united in heart and mind. A tough, embattled hero and an even tougher heroine are the highlights of this tender story that pulls at the heartstrings, though the predictable plot takes away a bit of the shine.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates