Image of The Cowboy's Courtship (Love Inspired)


Image of The Cowboy's Courtship (Love Inspired)
THE COWBOY'S COURTSHIP (4) by Brenda Minton: Coming to Dawson, Okla., to meet the grandmother she didn't remember existed, Alyson Anderson instead meets bull rider Jason Bradshaw. Recovering from a concussion that's left him with short-term memory loss, Jason longs to return to the rodeo circuit. Falling in love with Alyson, who feels she must soon return to the family and concert-pianist career she left behind, has Jason re-evaluating his life. Seeking a relationship with a God and a family she longs for has Alyson torn between two worlds. This satisfyingly emotional story has a wounded hero facing some life changes and a heroine seeking to find herself as well as God.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley