BJ James leads off November Desire with another stunning character study as a lovely member of the Black Watch finally reaches JOURNEY'S END (4H), a haven of healing offered by a fellow agent's reclusive brother. And such is the beginning of an incredible communion of spirit as two lonely people start to realize that fate has indeed meant for them to meet in that place at that time. No other author expresses the full measure of joy quite as exquisitely as Ms. James, whose love stories always linger like the finest of wines.

Rising star Eileen Wilks gives us wonderful proof that COWBOYS DO IT BEST (4) when a handsome former rodeo champion finds himself in a jam and takes a temporary job helping out the lovely owner of a horse stable and dog kennel operation. Ms. Wilks' outstanding characterization lifts this familiar storyline out of the ordinary indeed.

The sparks fly fast and furiously when a handsome lawyer trying his hand at a little baseball gets involved in a spirited duel of hearts with a lovely heckler from the stands in MARRIAGE ON HIS MIND (4) by Susan Crosby. When it comes to baseball, the lady certainly knows her stuff, but a personal relationship is something else again. Although the characters become just a tad too mired in the emotional baggage they both carry, readers will relish the lively interplay and touching emotion between these two appealing lovers.

Ann Major sets our senses on fire in NOBODY'S CHILD (2), the passionate romance of a young woman whose dreams of wealth and security are shattered by the twisted relationship between the man she loves and the man she marries. When fate offers a second chance, can the two star-crossed lovers find happiness at last? Although Ms. Major tells far more than she shows, there's a dandy suspense subplot and an uplifting resolution to please readers.

It's city girl vs. the chickens when a beautiful California efficiency expert is stranded on an isolated ranch during a sudden snowstorm in WYOMING WIFE? (2). Determined to do her part, the lady tackles the barnyard chores with great zeal albeit little success, charming her handsome host in the process. Although plot and characters are fairly standard, Shawna Delacorte diverts us quite deliciously with her heroine's battles with the assorted livestock.

A sexy young lawyer learns HOW TO WIN (BACK) A WIFE (1) from Lass Small after a hasty divorce separates him from the woman he loves. Although the extensive narrative rambles considerably and the conflict is only indirectly addressed, fans of Ms. Small's unique writing style will find this a diverting love story.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer