Cole Benton is an undercover federal agent investigating a series of bank robberies that happen whenever the Wild West Show is in town. The prime suspects are Drew Townsend, the shows sharp shooter, and her brothers. Cole needs to get close to Drew so he becomes a part of her act.

Drew doesnt trust men and doesnt want Cole in her act, but she is outvoted. The more time Cole spends with Drew the more he realizes that Drew is not responsible for the bank robberyeven though his feelings for her have clouded his judgment.

Drew isnt sure what she feels for Coleuntil she discovers Coles undercover assignment. Then it doesnt matter what he tells her.

Cole is left with the arduous task of convincing a stubborn woman to trust him and his feelings but to also continue his investigationwith or without her help.

Readers will really empathize with Drew, who is a is a very sensitive character with many insecurities. Leigh Greenwood is wonderful at creating flawed characters and making us love them. Another winner in this delightful series! SENSUAL (May, 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin