Paulie Johnson runs Possum Trots only saloon with an iron hand. Shes always been a tomboy; since her fathers death, shes had no reason to want to act like a lady. No reason except maybe cowboy Will Brockett.

But Will fancies himself in love with that picture of feminine virtue, Mary Ann Redfern. However, when he learns shes married an old whiskey trader, he writes her off, until her husband comes to town afraid that Mary Ann has either run off or been kidnapped by the renegade Night Bird.

When Will decides to rescue Mary Ann, Paulie follows along and what an adventure they find. In an action-filled climax, all the pieces come together for a sure-fire, hold-your-breath ending.

Liz Irelands sassy characters, snappy dialogue and rip-roaring adventures take an ordinary western and make it into a page-turner. This tale will have you laughing out loud, gripping your armchair and tearing up. What more could you want? SENSUAL (June, 296 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin